Healthy from head to tail
How we started
In 2007, there was a tragedy and still painful fresh in most of our minds. Some companies added melamine into the products for increasing protein concentration propose which this substance was detected in wide range of pet foods after people began to report of their be loving pets more than 104 were falling ill and dying from kidney failure.

This news triggered us to focus on developing organic pet food that are made from high-quality ingredients.
Since 2012, we have started providing OEM/ODM business with major pet food company by using USDA certified ingredients,
while managing this business we were able to research and innovate our own formula.

In 2019, we were successfully launched our own organic pet food brand that aren’t harmful!
What’s most important is what is being done to help prevent history from repeating it self.
What is organic
What is organic

Definition of organic is related with farming system of the product which avoids the use of man-made chemical such as pesticides, growth regulators, or use of genetically modified organism (GMOs).

Organic agriculture is about a way of farming that pays close attention to nature and it offers benefits for not just animal welfare but also for ecological systems. We considered every small details what is best for both ecosystem and pets by
creating and developing organic pet food.

So, how organic good for your pets?

Boost Immune
Reduce digestive
Reduce skin and
hair problems
Reduce allergy
Setting the standard
“We are very choosy about the ingredients that we use, ONLY USE THE BEST”
All of the ingredients that we use are carefully selected with intention and
purpose which this passion bring us to our well-made formula that not just live up our furry friends to
their standard of quality but also could enjoy every bite they took.
We won’t stop growing until we could reach out to service your pet’s total life care.